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WPs Working place

This is the heart of the project, the working place where WP leader and partners are sharing information, notes, results, etc. See the menu on left to accesss to the WP rooms. Here below we will give you information on the latest site updates, so you don't need to browse the entire site to find new documents....

SITE UPDATES & PUBLICATIONS und the WP working place room

December 2009

New publications are now announced under "news"

November 2009



Updates CEN TC WG 197 documents:


or click here.

It includes, CEN meeting minutes, resolutions and material as well as deliverables as disseminated by CEN


Document by CETIAT to be used for WP4 & safe / not safe issue.

October 2009:

See the deliverable section with a many updates of reports (those are announced  individaully in the news sections.

See also the meeting section for the M06 october meeting.

Finally see also the new blogs.


22.09.2009 site update/ document publication



15.09.2009 site update/ document publication


See under Deliverables WP0:

  • GQWP0_25_DELi_august2009.pdf
  • GQWP0_26action listsept.doc
  • GQWP0_27_CS_sheet.xls
  • GQWP0_28action DGCWP4and5.doc
  • GQWP0_29_DELI_15sept2009.pdf


See under Deliverables WP1 (final report WP1)

  • GQWP1_08_D12_Report 1.pdf
  • GQWP1_08_D12_Report 2.pdf
  • GQWP1_08_D12_Report 3.pdf
  • GQWP1_07_D13_Report_v1.pdf


See under Deliverables WP2

  • GQWP2_11_deli_21_FinalReport.pdf (includes annex1)
  • annex2 of GQWP2_11_deli_21_GQWP2_03_notified_bodies_gad.pdf
  • annex3 of GQWP2_11_deli_21_GQWP2_08_questionnaire.pdf
  • annex4 of GQWP2_11_deli_21 PresentationResults.pdf


See under Deliverables WP3

  • GQWP3_11_D34_Final WP3 Report v1.1.pdf


See under Deliverables WP4

  • GQWP4_16_Deli_D43_draft_v1c.pdf


See under Deliverables WP5

  • GQWP5_16_deli_5.0_v01_anonymous.pdf



05.08.2009 site update

Newsletter04: You will find the document here, under WP0.

Wobbe index: a compilation of information & notes about units & conversion (so far all from Francois) to be used as reminder for reporting etc.

03.08.2009 site update

See the relevant CEN BT WG 197 documents here under the Organisation room .

30.07.2009 site update

Under deliverable.


Under WP0


Under reports and documents/ existing experiences

  • ETN_FuelPP_Final_Feb 09.pdf: Information received via Marcogaz  regarding the effects of gas quality on gas turbines. This document has been issued by the European  Turbine Network.


23.07.2009 site update

Documents related to meeting M05, including BRG presentation

GQWP2_10_deli_2.3.pdf (WP2 Workshop and interviews with notified bodies)  is now available under deliverable.


03.07.2009 site update

See two new documents in the WP3

Meeting notes M05


26.06.2009 site update

See under Meeting 05, WP5, WP4 and Deliverables where we have published new documents


11.06.2009 site update

See WP4 new documents on testing procedures


10.06.2009 site update

See newsletter03 - including meeting info -  and contrat signed under WP0

Document on segmentation under WP1


10.06.2009 news

The contract is signed by AFNOR


20.05.2009 site update

See deliverable list updates.


01.05.2009 site update

See under WP0 new documents published including a newsletter.


28.04.2009 site update

See under the news for more April 2009 Updates of the site including Deliverables sending.


04.04.2009 site update

We have just received the CEN BT WG 197 updated list of standards for appliances that are covered by the GAD. The work of GASQUAL shall refer to this list that also answers to the domestic/non domestic question.


02.04.2009 site update

Gathering of documents about "existing experiences" (DK tests)


23.03.2009 site update


20.03.2009 site update


12.03.2009 site update


11.03.2009 news

  • Next meeting (M03) details are now finalised, please see under meetings. These WP meetings will cover WP1,3,4,5.


11.03.2009 site update

  • Reports from CEN experts on the meetings are published under each WP (see the expert room) and under the folder "ORGANISATION" in CEN/BT WG 197 documents
  • Documents sent by Eon Ruhrgas published in the WP4 (see 04, 05, 06 in "all documents")

  • A document compiling the work done of WP3 is now available in the room, this is the basis for the deliverable D3.1 "Preliminary report containing the identification of the main sources of information for this work package and the intended methodology to complete this work package (to be prepared and presented to CEN/BT/WG 197)."


09.03.2009 news


  • The intercomparison has started! Here the boiler in ARGB laboratory.
  • To make sure that the participating laboratories' measurements are in line, a first inter-comparison test looking to the emissions and the efficiency of a premix boiler has been put in place. The performances with two different gases (G20 and G21) will be compared.

     The first lab has finished the testing and the boiler is on the way to the next lab.


08.03.2009 site update

05.03.2009 site update

  • See WP1,3,5 updates including meeting minutes & action list

02.03.2009 site update

  • See WP2 updates including meeting minutes & action list

27.02.2009 site update

  • Presentation of the Marcogaz workshop Paris december 2005 are published under Reports, documents & link
  • Documents by CEN (CEN/BT WG 197 N51 Liaison experts between CEN/BT/ WG 197 and the Gasqual WPs - N52 Notes on Gasqual Plenary meeting on 2009-01-12 - N53 Notes on Gasqual WP meeting on 2009-01-13) See under Organisation or click here
  • New steering group page for instructions on immediate actions. See the page under "Organisation"


23.02.2009 site update


20.02.2009 site update


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